A Deep (Sleep) Dive for Perimenopause with Dr. Michael Breus

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Our guest, Dr. Michael J. Breus, is a clinical psychologist with more than two decades of experience in the sleep field. 

As a sleep expert, Dr. Breus advises women going through perimenopause and menopause to establish a regular, consistent sleep schedule to manage the hormonal shifts associated with these transitions. He also recommends deep breathing, hydration, and getting sunlight. 

“While there is no guidebook for managing menopausal sleep issues, these strategies can help to mitigate some of the symptoms associated with this transition.”

Dr. Michael Breus

Dr. Breus stresses the importance of maintaining consistent sleep routines and creating a comfortable sleep environment. He also recommends moderate exercise, avoiding alcohol consumption, and using technology such as temperature-regulating pads. 

While discipline in sleep routine is crucial, he stresses the importance of acceptance and relaxation, rather than trying to think oneself to sleep or worrying about lack of sleep.

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Episode Overview (timestamps are approximate):

4:05 – How menopause/perimenopause affects your sleep

8:21 – Can you “catch up” on sleep?

12:00 – How sleep changes around your cycle

16:31 – Instituting the daily nap

24:09 – When to nap during your cycling

27:12 – When to exercise for the best sleep

31:28 – Alcohol, dehydration and sleep

34:51 – How to use acceptance as a sleep aid

39:29 – Why you got to the bathroom during the night

46:02 – Should you breathe through your nose or mouth?

52:42 – Are you a side, back, or belly sleeper?

55:01 – Should you get a “sleep divorce?”

1:01:01 – Where to find Dr. Breus

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