Thyroids, Hormones, Body-Fat & More: AMA with Cynthia Thurlow

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Join wellness experts Dr. Stephanie Estima and Cynthia Thurlow as they answer your burning health questions and challenge the traditional medical narrative in this enlightening and informative AMA episode.

Cynthia Thurlow is a passionate nurse practitioner, podcast host, and wellness expert with a dedication to helping women of all ages achieve optimal hormonal health. As the host of the Everyday Wellness podcast, Cynthia has made it her mission to empower women with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthy balance in their lives. With her extensive experience in the healthcare field and a deep understanding of the complexities of hormonal health, Cynthia is the perfect guest to join Dr. Stephanie Estima for an Ask Us Anything episode covering a range of hormone topics.

Can we be loving? And can you give yourself some grace and allow yourself to heal? … Your body is amazing and has an infinite capacity for healing.

Dr. Stephanie Estima

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Key moments:

00:00:00 – Factors Affecting Body Fat Percentage, 
00:02:45 – Ask Us Anything, 
00:05:16 – Weight Training with Diastasis Recti, 
00:11:59 – Postpartum Body and Rehabilitation, 
00:15:08 – Understanding the Risks and Benefits of the Gardasil Vaccine, 
00:20:19 – Natural Hormone Balance for Hashimoto’s Patients, 
00:24:39 – Differential Diagnoses for Low Estrogen in Hashimoto’s Patients, 
00:29:20 – Understanding the Importance of a Full Medical History, 
00:29:58 – Iodine Supplementation for Seafood Intolerance, 
00:34:41 – Reversing Thyroid Medication Dependency, 
00:39:11 – Adverse Childhood Events and Autoimmune Disease, 
00:40:48 – Being Real in a Big Platform, 
00:43:48 – Moving from First Person to Third Person, 
00:44:57 – Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Menopausal Women, 
00:54:34 – Copper IUD and Menstrual Symptoms, 
00:58:57 – Fertility Awareness Method, 
00:45:30 – Importance of Body Fat Percentage, 
00:47:33 – Impact of Hormones on Body Fat, 
01:00:17 – Tips for Undisturbed Sleep, 
01:01:18 – Sleep Starts When You Wake Up, 
01:03:08 – Load Management,
01:08:52 – Progesterone and Sleep.

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