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I always say that if you want to achieve a goal, you need to be able to measure how you are progressing. 

But here’s the thing with metabolic goals…measuring isn’t always easy. And I’d love to tell you all about InsideTracker – my new favorite tool to understand my metabolism better and optimize as I go.

What is InsideTracker?

As you know, I’m a big believer in data. And you can, through data like blood work, understand how closely your chronological age matches up with your biological age.   

This is also the only way to get in depth data about your metabolic health and hormone health, all of which will tell you how you are doing right now, and how likely you are going to be doing over the long term.

But there’s one huge issue…

Most blood labs have a range of “normal” that is way too broad. 

And worse even – if you fall out of their normal range, you’ll just get results but no advice on what to do about it. 

So essentially, regular blood work results identify problems with no solutions.

This is why I’m so excited to tell you about InsideTracker.

InsideTracker is a platform that lets you not only get a handle on your metabolic markers, hormones, and your biological age, but also gives you a personalized plan to improve your metabolism, reduce stress, improve sleep, balance your hormones, and optimize your health for the long haul.

It’s as if…you’re taking a selfie from the inside.

Why I’m obsessed with InsideTracker

I love how easy it is to use and how well-organized the dashboard is.

Plus, InsideTracker gives you personalized recommendations on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management based on where you are right now.

This allows you to set yourself up for success using data as a key weapon in your arsenal.

I always advise you to listen to your body, but let’s be honest – it’s not always easy to “hear” what your body is saying.

With cold, hard data, you’ll never have to guesstimate again.

My experience with InsideTracker

I’ve been using InsideTracker for a while now to make sure I’m hitting my goals.

As a perimenopausal woman, I want to make sure my Vitamin D levels are right, as well as my magnesium, DHEA, testosterone, and ferritin levels are on point.

I also wanted to know if I was biologically younger than my chronological age (I’m a vain woman, ok but really – wouldn’t you want to know how old your body actually is?!). 

These are all topics I teach my practitioners about, and wanted to make sure I was on point with these myself.

So InsideTracker has really given me the confidence that I’m doing the right things daily so that I can have a long and healthy life and be there for my grandkids.

Hey, maybe I’ll even be the favorite great-grandmother! 

So if you want to get empowered with the data, I recommend you checking out InsideTracker, too!

How InsideTracker supports your weight goals

Ok, let’s talk about weight goals.

It’s crucial to measure your progress on any diet.

I always tell my ladies on The Estima Diet™ to measure what and how much they consume. 

But the thing is, measuring can be tedious. And many of my ladies hate it.

With InsideTracker, however, you can easily measure your levels of fasting blood glucose, HbA1c (which is the average of the last 3 months’ blood glucose).

It will also give you insight on your lipid levels which are key for maintaining energy, heart health, and brain health. 

So it’s crucial to know where your lipids are – we often see changes with lipids in the first 6 months of going on a keto diet, so we want to see how you adapt over the long term.

Ok, so what else can InsideTracker do?

InsideTracker can tell you what your levels of Creatine Kinase (CK) and testosterone are.  It will also look at your testosterone: cortisol ratio which can give you an indication of how your acute or chronic stress is impacting your testosterone levels.

Although we typically thnk about estrogen for women, testosterone is still the most abundant sex hormone in women and is involved in cognitive capacity, our persoality, libido, energy levels and muscle mass.

Inside tracker also looks at Creatine kinase (CK) which is an enzyme you find in healthy muscles that supports your energy production in the first few seconds of your workout. 

If you’re pushing yourself too hard at the gym, you may damage your cells and CK may leak into your bloodstream.

So as your CK levels increase and you feel crampy, you’d be able to tell that you’re going too hard which is your data-backed clue to slow down (this can be an issue for my Type-A Betty’s).

Measuring your levels of these enzymes can help you work smarter, not harder at the gym.

InsideTracker will tell you if you’re inflamed

Tracking your levels of inflammation is one of the keys to longevity because nobody lives to 100 if they are constantly inflamed.  In fact, inflammation can lead to accelerated aging, also affectionately (or not so affectionately) known as inflammaging.

When you do a test that measures your levels of the high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP), InsideTracker will interpret those results for you so you’ll know what the level of systemic inflammation is in your body.

If the hsCRP test shows optimal levels of CRP, (less than 1 mg/dL is considered optimal), the amount of inflammation in your body is very low. 

If your levels are off, this will be your sign to start digging into where the inflammation is coming from.  IT could be your diet, movement (or lack thereof), environmental exposure, or chronic low grade stress.

How to get started with InsideTracker

Getting started with InsideTracker is super easy.

Just follow this link, sign up, and follow each of the easy steps on their dashboard.

You can arrange to have someone come to your home to draw blood, and In a few  short days have access to your data as well as personalized recommendations.  You’ll be on your way to tracking your health, fitness, and nutrition goals. 

Plus, with InsideTracker’s cutting-edge technology, you’ll be able to see exactly how your diet and lifestyle choices are affecting your body over time.

Get started today and see how InsideTracker can help you reach your fitness goals! For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store at www.insidetracker.com/drstephanie

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