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In the ultimate mashup episode on mental resilience, Dr. Stephanie speaks with a number of world-renowned experts Dr. Nicole LePera, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Samantha Skelly, Molly Galbraith, Ashley Stahl, and Patrick Gentempo to extract the top strategies on owning your mind and being able to deal with anything. You’ll get proven tips to heal your inner child, set boundaries, and make friends with your ego. You’ll learn how to take responsibility for what’s happening in your life, name your body sensations and emotions, and a whole lot more. You’ll learn how to cultivate a mindset of abundance, define who you are, and live with purpose.

 Episode Overview: 

  • 4:05 Introduction
  • 10:42 Your Inner Child With Dr. Nicole LePera
  • 13:16 Healing Ego and Boundary Setting With Dr. Nicole LePera
  • 19:24 Taking Responsibility With Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • 26:25 Naming Body Sensations and Emotions with Samantha Skelly
  • 31:19 Abundance Mindset With Molly Galbraith
  • 37:42 Being Clear On Who We Are With Ashley Stahl
  • 48:54 Living With Purpose With Patrick Gentempo

Episode With Dr. Nicole LePera

Episode With Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Episode With Molly Galbraith 

Episode With Samantha Skelly 

Episode With Ashley Stahl

Episode With Patrick Gentempo

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