Concussion as a Growth Opportunity with Paul Attia – Part 2

Part 2 with Paul Attia
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This is part 2 of an interview with Paul Attia, a trial lawyer, family business advisor and an executive in his own family’s enterprise. In this part of the conversation, Paul discusses how he adapted his exercise routine due to his concussion symptoms – walking became his main form of exercise. He focused on progress and embracing what he could do instead of focussing on what he had lost.

He also shares his new interest in functional neurology and the positive impact of bodywork on the brain. We both emphasize the importance of listening and supporting others in their process. With the right mindset, coping with a concussion and external events can actually lead to personal growth.

Paul Attia is a trial lawyer, family business advisor and an executive in his own family’s enterprise. Working as a litigator for nearly 15 years has provided Paul with ringside seats to the results of poor decision-making. In Part 1 of this two-part episode, Paul gives us a look into his background so we can fully understand how challenging and life-changing his concussion was.

In the courtroom, Paul saw the litigation process often like a person at the bottom of a cliff, catching those who have already jumped. However, as an advisor to family businesses and enterprises, Paul works with each member of the family enterprise system, to help them identify, grasp, and distill the issues at play, and works with them to guide them to their desired outcomes, in both the family, and in the business.

Links for this episode:

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Episode Overview:

0:00:01 Embracing Change and Resilience in a Changing World
0:00:31 Introduction to part two of conversation with Paul Atiyah
0:07:51 Embracing challenges with confidence and determination
0:15:33 Navigating the Challenges of Post-Concussion Syndrome
0:19:20 Understanding the Primal Brain and Rage
0:22:39 The Impact on Family Life and Noise Sensitivity
0:26:15 The Three Stages of Concussion Recovery: Identify, Manage, Optimize
0:27:20 Lost in the Winds and Waves of Life
0:34:42 The Impact of Artificial Light and Technology
0:36:33 Managing and Avoiding Triggers: Part Two of the Journey
0:44:20 The Importance of Technique in Athletics
0:45:52 Unlocking Potential: Technique and Strength for Personal Growth
0:50:08 Pleasant Surprises: Embracing Stillness and Support for Personal Growth
0:54:06 Managing Your Momentum in Life and Work
0:55:43 Walking as a form of progress and meditation
1:02:37 Finding alternative exercises and never missing a workout
1:06:49 The integration of body work and its impact on the brain
1:10:14 Overcoming Anxiety: Embracing Life’s Challenges
1:16:16 The Power of Listening: Becoming a Great Question Asker
1:16:52 Listening with the mindset of a seven-year-old detective
1:19:27 Gratitude for openness and honesty about concussion experiences
1:22:44 Legal and Medical Disclaimer: General Information Only

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