Episode 164: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Explained

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Explained

Understanding the role of the pelvic floor and how to identify pelvic floor dysfunction in both sexes. We discuss having a hypertonic or hypotonic pelvic floor and the exercises to aid in recovery. 


My Podcast with Lauren Foxbourogh 


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Episode Overview: 

  • :30 Introduction
  • 3:39 Pelvic Floor In Both Sexes
  • 6:43 Damage To Pelvic Floor
  • 11:45 Fitness Of Pelvic Floor – Hypertonic, Hypotonic
  • 15:42 Signs Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • 18:41 Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • 21:43 Pelvic Floor Exercises
  • 24:12 Exercises For A Hypotonic / Hypertonic Pelvic Floor
  • 28:30 Conclusion



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