Menstrual Cycle Masterclass: Week 1

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Menstrual Cycle Masterclass: Week 1

Understanding what happens in week 1 of your menstrual cycle. We discuss how to approach exercise and nutrition during this week of your cycle, as well as, fasting, emotional health, and supplementation. 


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Episode Overview: 

  • 4:17 Introduction
  • 6:45 Week 1 Of Your Menstrual Cycle
  • 8:35 Day 1 Of Your Cycle
  • 15:34 Day 2-5
  • 20:23 How To Approach Training
  • 23:55 Nutrition For Week 1
  • 29:00 Fasting
  • 30:46 Emotional Health
  • 33:45 Supplementation
  • 42:11 Conclusion


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