Episode 2: Jim Kwik – No Brain Left Behind

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Episode 02 – Jim Kwik – No Brain Left Behind

Learning expert, keynote speaker, trainer and author, Jim Kwik is on today’s podcast with Dr. Stephanie! Dr. Stephanie and Jim talk all about Jim’s unique backstory as ‘the boy with the broken brain.’ After suffering a head injury as a child, Jim struggled with traditional learning. He undertook a journey that led him to discovering different learning habits, including accelerated learning systems and tactics, which he now shares with the world. Jim breaks down modern day ‘kryptonite’ that affect our society, including digital deluge, digital distraction, digital dementia and digital depression. Finally, Jim and Dr. Stephanie provide best practices, tips and tools for how we all can structure our days to become better and more grateful learners.



00:48 – Introducing today’s guest, Jim Kwik

04:08 – Jim’s origin story

09:58 – Growing up as an introvert

13:54 – Not letting school get in the way of education

15:08 – The importance of knowing your ‘why’

17:54 – Getting clarity on what challenges you are facing

21:04 – Jim opens up about solving the puzzle of his own brain

23:10 – Jim recalls the first student he tutored

25:57 – Meta-thinking

29:30 – The crashed truck story

32:58 – How critical thinking can lead to better decisions

33:38 – Why people are so scared to make decisions

37:15 – Beginning with the end in mind

40:11 – The power of passion

42:04 – The importance of curiosity

42:41 – Jim tells a quick story of one of his heroes, Stan Lee

45:19 – The difference between a thermometer and a thermostat

47:41 – The impact of our outside and inside environments

48:35 – Modern day kryptonite

56:36 – The Zeigarnik Effect

1:00:35 – Jim’s thoughts on technology

1:04:15 – Digital depression

1:06:56 – Jim and Dr. Stephanie share their best morning practices

1:12:12 – How our environments train our brains

1:18:05 – The Four ‘G’s

1:20:44 – Where listeners can follow Jim

1:21:39 – Jim’s actionable challenges to the audience

1:25:00 – Where listeners can follow Dr. Stephanie and subscribe to her newsletter


“I think the ultimate quest we’re all on is just to be better, right? To be able to grow and progress and fully express ourselves and little by little a little becomes a lot.” (02:47)

“Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” (13:54)

“The same level of thinking that’s created your problem won’t solve your problem.” (17:39)

“I don’t believe that there’s necessarily a good memory or a bad memory. But, there’s a trained memory and there’s an untrained memory. Genius can be learned.” (22:28)

“Discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons.” (39:56)

“I think that the treasure that most people seek is hidden in the work that they’re avoiding.” (57:38)

“What’s good for your heart is gonna be good for your head.” (1:16:06)


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