Episode 7: Todd Herman – On Activating Your Alter Ego

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Episode 007 Todd Herman – On Activating Your Alter Ego

Performance coach, author, and mindset expert, Todd Herman joins the podcast to share his experiences assisting athletes, both amateur and professional, achieve higher levels of consistency and performance by sharpening their mental acuity. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Todd touch on topics such as imposter syndrome, tribal and cultural narratives, trauma and success. Todd discusses his book, The Alter Ego Effect, and analyzes the difference between the questions of ‘Who are you’ and ‘What are you.’ Finally, Todd shares his own personal strategies for activating his alter ego and provides key insights to help activate the alter ego inside all of us.


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“Mindset is really about attitude. It’s about philosophy.” (11:44)

“People who really pursue the process [of success], they are undefeatable.” (31:41)

“The great thing about rage and anger is they are phenomenal focusers of energy.” (33:49)

“What matters to me is movement. Movement matters because movement creates momentum. Momentum creates confidence. And confidence creates certainty.” (36:08)

“The alter ego is simply a mental tool that we’ve got that allows us to disassociate ourselves from our own story and start to play through the idea of someone and something else that we admire.” (41:44)

“What makes us unique – human beings – is our creative imagination, our ability to create new stories about what we’re capable of. We can shift and we can change in an instant.” (52:23)

“I’ve had people who have picked an alter ego because it sounded like a nice idea, but they didn’t actually connect with that person. There wasn’t like an emotional tug and I need that emotional tug when I’m working with someone.” (1:02:21)


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The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life

The Hero with a Thousand Faces


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