Episode 8: Emily Fletcher – On Mindfulness, Meditation, & Unlocking Your Potential

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Episode 008 Emily Fletcher – On Mindfulness, Meditation, & Unlocking Your Potential

Meditation expert, author and entrepreneur, Emily Fletcher joins the podcast to share her experience with coaching and unlocking extraordinary performances through the practice of meditation. Emily is the creator of the Ziva Technique and the founder of Ziva, where she developed her training program. She has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, and NBC, among others. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Emily touch on topics such as mindfulness, meditation and manifesting to unlock your full potential. They discuss emotional detoxification, adaptation energy, and the physiological impact stress has on our lives. Finally, Emily shares best practices that we all can implement for an ideal meditation routine.


00:59 – Introducing today’s guest, Emily Fletcher 

05:45 – Meditation and sex 

09:42 – Mirror Neurons 

14:31 – Other reasons to practice meditation 

16:39 – Mindfulness defined 

20:41 – Identifying and dealing with stress from the past as well as the present 

23:20 – Manifesting 

26:05 – Adaptation energy 

30:54 – The physiological effects of stress 

34:09 – Cortisol 

36:30 – How stress affects your competitive edge 

40:58 – Why people don’t meditate as much as they should 

44:18 – Far-side simplicity 

46:46 – Emotional detoxification 

50:45 – Reasons to get a meditation teacher 

53:15 – The computer analogy 

54:30 – Purging physical and mental trauma 

56:41 – Emily shares how meditation has improved her own life 

1:00:19 – How meditation has impacted Emily as a mother 

1:02:54 – Dr. Stephanie speaks to how meditation has helped her as a mother 

1:04:31 – Emily provides additional parenting tips 

1:06:07 – Best practices for an ideal meditation routine 

1:08:47 – Caution with caffeine 

1:12:04 – Where listeners can find and follow Emily 

1:13:26 – Where listeners can follow Dr. Stephanie and subscribe to her newsletter


“Forty percent of American cohabitating couples say that the number one reason that they’re not having as much sex as they would like is that they’re tired.” (08:15)  

“There is some science coming out of Tufts and Wake Forest University suggesting that meditation can reverse your body age from anywhere from eight to fifteen years.” (15:15)  

“Mindfulness I would define as the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment.” (17:31)  

“To me, manifesting simply means consciously creating a life you love. It’s you getting intentional about what you want your life to look like.” (23:52)  

“Stress is not what’s happening to you. Stress is your reaction to what’s happening to you.” (26:56)  

“While it is possible to change your state of consciousness, it is not possible to give your mind a command to shut up.” (43:01)  

“It’s better to cry this stuff out into your tissues than it is to have the stress stored in your tissues.” (55:17)  


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Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance


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