Episode 17: David Neagle – On Limiting Beliefs, Proactive Thinking, & Ingredients for a Successful Mind

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Episode 017 David Neagle – On Limiting Beliefs, Proactive Thinking, & Ingredients for a Successful Mind

World-renowned money and mindset mentor, podcaster and globally recognized speaker, David Neagle joins the podcast to discuss his experience working with business owners to help improve their confidence and thinking patterns to achieve success. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and David talk about limited beliefs that we all install within ourselves, and strategies for reshaping those beliefs. David opens up about a near-death experience that inspired him to take control of his life and help others to do the same. Dr. Stephanie and David expound on the differences between the conscious and subconscious minds. Finally, David provides key insights on how to create your own successful mindset.


00:54 – Dr. Stephanie introduces today’s guest, David Neagle 

05:12 – What David learned from a near death experience 

23:01 – David’s attitude change and his approach to life after the accident 

29:10 – David talks about the importance of seizing opportunities 

33:42 – The role religion plays in success 

38:07 – How core wounds and fears develop 

47:12 – Our need for safety and love 

50:06 – The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind 

58:35 – David speaks to the importance of self-expression 

1:02:49 – How shame and guilt affect our potential 

1:06:50 – Proactive thinking and desire   

1:16:04 – Dr. Stephanie and David discuss tolerance 

1:18:29 – Ingredients for a successful mind 

1:21:35 – Where listeners can follow and connect with David 

1:23:22 – Where listeners can follow Dr. Stephanie and subscribe to her newsletter


“When I was in the Army for a year and when I went through basic training, they take you through a survival course where they tell you, ‘It doesn’t matter how bad you’re injured, what really matters is if you panic or not.’ And, if you can not panic, if you can really keep your head about you…you have a very good chance of surviving most things.” (13:10)  

“I was basically asking God for a second chance. I’m like, ‘I promise, if you let me live today that I will figure out why I couldn’t do those things. I will fix my life and then I’ll spend the rest of my life teaching other people how to do it.’” (14:59)  

“The word belief carries a much different connotation two thousand years ago than it does if you read literature, say within the last hundred years. The way the word is even used is completely different.” (39:05)  

“I believe that everybody has a purpose, a specific purpose. We don’t have this unbelievable intellect for nothing.” (41:52)  

“Based on the Law of Polarity, there’s nothing that has just one side to it. Everything has two sides. And those things are connected; they’re not separate. So, we look at poverty and wealth as two separate things; they’re not. They’re one in the same thing either rightly or wrongly used.” (53:17)  

“The way that we get to know our true self is through expression. If we cannot express the way that we feel naturally, we never get in touch with that nor are we able to bring it into a healthy balance.” (59:01)  

“He said, ‘David, you’ll always get what you need when you need it. Not what you want, but what you need. So, if you’re willing to step into whatever that is, you’ll never be without.’” (1:11:23)  

“I think that, both genetically and spiritually, we’re born to be a success. And, success is also about awareness.” (1:18:50)  


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