Female Health Optimization with Dr. Molly Maloof

I'm Dr. Stephanie

My life's passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women's health and healing.

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In this episode, Dr. Stephanie interviews Dr. Molly Maloof, medical doctor, professor, and consultant, about all things female stress. They talk about health optimization for females, how women experience stress and how it differs from men, and how trauma affects the way you live your life. They dive into psychedelic therapy as a way to process trauma and to rewrite the story, and you’ll learn tools for healing from trauma to become your highest self. Warning: this episode includes a discussion of sexual abuse.

Episode Overview:  

  • 0:30 Introduction 
  • 5:40 Welcoming Dr. Molly Maloof
  • 6:45 Molly’s Origin Story
  • 10:30 Health Optimization for Females
  • 15:15 The Patriarchal Hierarchy 
  • 17:30 The Different Stress Responses Between Men & Women  
  • 25:00 Your Hormonal Report Card
  • 30:00 How Trauma Affects Your Health
  • 42:00 Psychedelics as a Therapy Tool
  • 51:00 Tools for Healing from Trauma
  • 58:00 Conclusion

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