An Important Reminder that Food is Information with Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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Get ready to go back to the basics with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the “father of functional medicine,” as he guides us through the powerful concept that food is information for our bodies. He challenges us to step out of our comfort zones (literally) and shows us the various branches of the Immune System, including innate, acquired, and lymphocytes.

Also, discover how you can rejuvenate your immune system through simple lifestyle choices like diet, stress management, and exercise. And finally, explore the intriguing question of whether we can turn up our immunity too much and trigger autoimmunity. Join us for this refresher episode covering the basics to take control of your health today!

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Study mentioned in the episode:

Public health lessons from the mid-Victorian working class diet

Episode Overview (timestamps are approximate):

5:41 – Dr. Bland’s history
11:35 – Problem(s) with the current medical system
14:40 – How to build your plate
17:21 – Weakening nutritious food through agriculture
24:20 – The diversity of the foods we eat
24:49 – Our five different taste types
28:40 – The rules about how to eat
31:21 – Our tastebuds are programmable
35:26 – Immune System 101
40:40 – Innate immunity
42:55 – Low Stress and Good Food
45:29 – How to rejuvenate your immune system
48:54 – How to take Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat
52:00 – The idea of “Rewilding”
54:57 – Can we boost immunity too far? ie. Autoimmunity
1:04:10 – Finding your personal diet

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