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It’s the most wonderful stressful time of the year…


Gift Giving Season!


If you’re having trouble picking out a gift for your friends or family members, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty curated for you inside of the 2021 Hello Betty Holiday Gift Guide.


I want to help you find great gift ideas for all the women in your life, who want to live well at any age!


This year we’ve hand-picked some of the hottest brands in health and fitness for women who are on a mission to feel younger, as they get older!


Finally – you don’t have to waste hours searching online or going from store-to-store trying to find the perfect gift for the Health & Fitness Loving Woman in your life – it’s all here!


Dive into your FREE copy of the 2021 Hello Betty Gift Guide, below.

Gifts For The Health Obsessed

  1. LMNT – LMNT is my favourite daily electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help you top up your electrolytes in these fun, flavourful packets! LMNT is also perfectly suited to folks following a keto, low-carb or no-sugar diet. Oh, and they are gifting you a FREE starter pack, so why not add one to your cart today?
  2. Audacious Nutrition – I talk a lot about the benefits of Exogenous Ketone on the Better! Podcast with Dr. Stephanie and KETOSTART is my preferred brand. It is a fast-acting, readily available, carbohydrate-free and highly efficient fuel source, providing your body almost immediate and sustained energy. 
  3. ILIA Beauty is clean cosmetics and it literally makes up 90% of my makeup bag. I barely shop with any other brand, because ILIA has the best beauty products I’ve ever used. My faves include the award-winning mascara, the concealer, the blush & the primer. Let me know which ones you end up loving!
  4. Lumen: Are you looking for a tool to help you measure your metabolism, instantly? Lumen is that tool! I love it because I can take multiple measurements all day long to see how I respond to certain foods, and when I get kicked out of ketosis.
  5. Orion: During my evening routine, I always spend time in front of my Orion Red Light Therapy Device. Red light therapy is known for supporting healing, improving mental health, and reducing pain – alongside anti aging benefits. Orion Red Light Therapy devices are the world’s most trusted in-home red and near-infrared LED light therapy devices, and I know you’re going to love yours!
  6. The Betty Body: A little shameless self-plug here for my book, The Betty Body! It is a Geeky Goddess’ Guide to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Transformative Sex. Each chapter is filled with the exact information you need to feel amazing, at any age.

Gifts for the Busy Boardroom Betty!

  1. Oura Ring: For busy women who are doing it all – this is the most accurate sleep and activity tracker that measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle & helps you optimize, every single day! I love waking up and checking my Oura Ring so that I can continue to optimize my health using real time data.
  2. Rocking Vibe: Confession time! I have gone a day without wearing Rocking Vibe jewels in over a month! I’m obsessed. Rocking Vibe is crystal jewelry for leaders and trendsetters, like you! This is my favourite Canadian Jewel Company that has one-of-a-kind gems. Use code hellobetty15 at checkout for 15% off
  3. Have you been thinking about how to get your steps in, while you’re working?
    This is the exact treadmill disk that I have called The Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill. It helps me hit my 10,000 steps per day goal with ease and I love that I can get some low-grade movement throughout the day. 
  4. TrueDark Eyewear filters out harmful blue light and artificial light (aka junk light) that interrupts our natural body clock (circadian rhythm). I wear my glasses anytime I’m using screens (like my laptop, my iphone or other) after 6pm at night. 
  5. Master your Nutrition as a busy, high-performing woman with our Best Selling Diet and Nutrition Program, The Estima Diet! Even though Most programs You’ve Tried May Have Left You Hungry And Frustrated, this is NOT one of those programs. The Estima Diet is a revolutionary protocol that I designed specifically for women where we sync every workout and meal with your fluctuating hormones over the course of the month.
  6. AG1 by Athletic Greens: Just one scoop contains over 75 vitamins, mineral and whole-food sourced ingredients. I Started taking Athletic Greens because it works to fill the nutritional gaps in my diet and I can tell you from personal experience that it gives me sustained energy throughout the day, ensures I’m getting important hard-to-find ingredients and high level of antioxidants that support my immunity, supports healthy hormone production & promotes hair and nail growth, as well as healthy glowing skin.

Gifts For The  Fitness Junkie

  1. Get Instant Access to our Best-Selling Fitness Programs: Betty Booty or Betty Body (or both!) + pair with a set of Booty Bands. The key to building an hourglass figure is to make sure we are not training like men. So often I see women splitting their workouts into body parts through the week when really we need to create a balance between and symmetry between the upper and lower body. When we look at body types from a longevity standpoint, it is the hourglass figure that confers the most benefits. This is because a smaller waist to hip ratio, strong glutes, and lowered visceral fat helps us live a long healthy life, free of disease. And let’s be honest – as I too am a vain woman – I also want to look good naked and feel good in my clothes! That’s where Betty Booty and The Betty Body come in.
  2. Are you looking to build out your home gym, so that you can squeeze in your workouts to the 15 or 30 minute pockets of your day when you aren’t running errands or working at your desk? Lebert Fitness have my favourite multi-functional training system that is perfect for at-home and in-gym use. You can explore all of their home gym products on their website!
  3. On Running Shoes + Workout Shoes: These are the best women’s training shoes to handle explosive multi-directional movements. I wear mine for strength training in my home gym and for going on long walks after dinner (you know I love my post-prandial walks!)
  4. The Betty Body: : A Geeky Goddess’ Guide to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Transformative Sex. Are you ready to change the conversation around health, fitness, sex, intimacy, longevity, parenting, mindset, and pursuing excellence? I’m Dr. Stephanie Estima and I have a special interest in functional neurology, metabolism, and body composition. My life’s passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women’s health and healing.

Are you looking for gifts for your Best-Betty’s, no matter where in the world they live? 

Here are some amazing digital gifts for the wellness-loving goddess in your life!

  1. The Estima Diet: For the woman who is Keto-Curious and wants to revamp their diet, The Estima Diet is here for you. Inside of this best-selling program, you’ll lose weight and get your energy back by syncing your diet and movement to your menstrual cycle!
  2. The Betty Body: For the friend who loves hitting the gym and working on their physique! This program is perfectly designed for you to burn fat, build lean muscle, and most of all fall in love with taking care of your body! It is the perfect way to reset your metabolism, balance your hormones, and feel amazing in your skin again.
  3. Betty Hormones: When it comes to looking and feeling your best, women need to consider optimizing hormones. This is especially true for women between the ages of 35-55 as this can be a time for tumultuous and unpredictable hormonal variation. One month you feel great … but the next month you are dealing with insomnia, tender breasts, and heavy bleeding.

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