How To Crack The Cancer Code, Beat Genetics, and Stop Cancer Before It Starts with Dr. Jason Fung

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Today we speak to Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist and world renowned expert on fasting. We discuss his book, The Cancer Code, a departure from traditional medical approaches which view cancer as a series of genetic mutation, or unregulated growth. We aim to answer the question What Exactly Is Cancer? Why does it occur in every cell of the body and how is it found in all mammals, and species other than our own? We explore the short comings of the somatic mutation theory, and present a new evolutionary paradigm for cancer – that it is a return to an earlier form of cells. We explore the differences between multicellular organisms and unicellular organisms and the hallmarks that cancer shares with each. We discuss the Warburg effect and cancer’s seemingly bizarre preference for glycolysis even in the presence of oxygen. We also explore how lactic acid production may lend an evolutionary advantage to the progression of cancer. We overlay genetic mutations with environmental contributions- the seed (genetic) and the soil (environment) as an explanation for how cancer can grab hold and become metastatic. We finish talking about solutions we can all use through dietary modifications including fasting, improving glucose control, and insulin sensitivity. Share this episode far and wide for anyone you think will benefit from this potentially life-saving information.

Episode Overview:

  • 1:26 Introduction
  • 5:30 Welcoming Dr. Jason Fung
  • 7:05 What Is Cancer? 
  • 15:50 Cancer Regression From Multicellular to Single Cellular 
  • 31:10 Glycolysis, Lactic Acid, and Metastasis
  • 39:00 Genetic Mutations and Cancer 
  • 45:30 How Environment Affects Cancer Risk
  • 56:00 Seed vs.Soil
  • 1:04:00 Conclusion

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