How to Manage Stress, Hormones, & Burnout with Dr. Neha Sangwan

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Contrary to popular belief, burnout is not a liability; it is a wake-up call. To reverse it, you need a different kind of prescription, one that addresses the root causes. In this episode, Dr. Neha Sangwan and Dr. Stephanie delve into the physical and psychological consequences of stress on the body.

Dr. Neha Sangwan is an internal medicine physician with a focus on addressing the root causes of stress, miscommunication, and interpersonal conflict. In this episode, Dr. Neha and Dr. Stephanie delve into the physical and psychological consequences of stress on the body. Dr. Sangwan explores topics like chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout, and the distinctions between burnout and depression. She also takes you on a journey of body mapping to help you identify signs of burnout and offers practical coping strategies.

Discover the intricate relationship between hormones, particularly the thyroid, as they contrast the allopathic and functional medicine approaches to thyroid care. You’ll also learn how your thoughts can shape your perceptions and influence your response to stress. Dr. Sangwan provides actionable takeaways, guiding you through essential questions to ask yourself during stressful events and how to interpret data more effectively.

If you’ve ever found the concept of managing your mindset elusive, this episode brings clarity to the intangible world of stress. Learn about the phases of burnout and how to navigate them: alarm, adaptation, exhaustion. This episode is filled with valuable insights and is sure to leave you with a newfound understanding of the impact of stress on your body and mind.


Dr. Neha Sangwan MD, engineer, CEO, communication specialist, and author of POWERED BY ME (McGraw Hill; September 19, 2023) has devoted two decades to identifying what is propelling this epidemic of exhaustion. Her private practice and corporate consulting focus on empowering individuals, organizational leaders, and their teams with the tools for clear, effective communication. She addresses the root cause of stress, miscommunication, and interpersonal conflict, often healing chronic conditions such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Resources mentioned:

Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions – https://psycnet.apa.org/record/1997-05130-000
Talk Rx: Five Steps to Honest Conversation that Create Connection, Health, Happiness – https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/25483005
Awareness Prescription for Burnout PDF + personal video mini-series of Doctor Neha – https://intuitiveintelligenceinc.com/burnout-rx/
Awareness Prescription handout + live client videos – https://intuitiveintelligenceinc.com/awareness-rx/
Neha’s Books – https://nehasangwan.com/books/

Connect with Dr. Neha:

Website – https://intuitiveintelligenceinc.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DrNehaSangwan
Twitter – https://twitter.com/doctorneha
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/nehashangout

Episode Overview:

0:00 Intro
1:32 Introduction to Dr. Neha Sangwan and Her Expertise
4:16 Introduction and Overview of the Conversation
8:02 The Triad of Burnout: Exhaustion, Cynicism, and Ineffectiveness
14:49 The Proverbial Straw: Burnout vs Depression
20:43 Listening to the Body: Symptoms of Burnout and Exhaustion
24:33 Physical Signals of Perimenopause: Hot Flashes, Altered Sleep Pattern
28:02 Body Signals: Hip Tightness, Tension Cramping in Legs
31:37 Addressing Symptoms Based on Physicality and Individual Presentation
35:10 Using Singing and Chanting as a Form of Therapy
38:31 The Need for an Integrated Approach in Healthcare
42:05 The Importance of Empathy and Bedside Manner in Healthcare
45:16 Navigating Emotions: The Importance of Body Signals
52:56 The Interconnected Systems of Functional Medicine and Healing
56:14 Different Approaches in Healthcare: Physical vs. Holistic
1:02:33 The Positive Impact of Addressing Mental and Emotional Health
1:06:18 The Power of Hormones, Diet, and Fitness
1:09:01 Finding Purpose in Communication
1:11:22 Body Image and Self-Compassion While Writing a Book
1:14:15 Stood Up: Initial Thoughts and Benefit of the Doubt
1:17:11 Dealing With Someone’s Lack of Manners and Punctuality
1:17:42 Personalization: Making Problems About Oneself
1:21:27 Connecting Emotions with Thoughts
1:22:11 Education and Women in Leadership: A Game-Changing Opportunity
1:29:03 The Power of Mind and Emotions: Handling Criticism with Grace
1:33:05 The Body’s Physical Signals and the Need for Curiosity

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