Master Your Money Mindset with Emily Williams

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My life's passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women's health and healing.

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Dr. Stephanie and Emily Williams deconstruct what money mindset is and how you can untap your earning potential by reprogramming the way you think. You’ll discover strategic ways to harness the power of your desires and manifest them into reality. If you’ve ever felt jealous of someone, don’t worry – Emily will explain how to use jealousy as a guide leading you to your soul’s cravings. Money needs a purpose and in this episode, you’ll learn how to give yours a good one. Dr. Stephanie and Emily Williams will break down the common money roadblocks and coach you on taking action towards your goals. You’ll understand why who you surround yourself with is crucial, how to employ gratitude as a leading tool in your arsenal, and how to heal your money trauma and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Finally, Dr. Steph and Emily Williams will discuss the consequences of not following your desires and reframing failure.

 Episode Overview: 

  • 3:05 Emily’s Origin Story
  • 9:45 What Is “Money Mindset”?
  • 12:47 The Power Of Desires
  • 19:06 How To Create a List Of  Your Desires 
  • 20:20 Paying Attention To Your Jealousy  
  • 23:03 Money Needs A Purpose 
  • 28:10 Common Money Road Blocks 
  • 32:54 How To Take Action Towards Your Goal
  • 39:00 Be Careful Who You Surround Yourself With
  • 41:39 Gratitude 
  • 46:40 How To Heal Money Trauma And Limiting Beliefs 
  • 49:40 Consequences Of Not Acting On Your Desires 
  • 54:02 Reframing Failure

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