Menstrual Masterclass: Weeks 3 & 4 Of Your Cycle

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In this masterclass episode, we discuss weeks 3 and 4 of your menstrual cycle. In week 3 of your menstrual cycle, we discuss how your hormones will optimize your body for pregnancy. You’ll learn about the numerous health benefits your hormones give your body in this part of your cycle, how timing is everything when it comes to conceiving, and what impacts this may have on your fasting and movement goals for the week. In the discussion of week 4, you’ll understand how this week is focused on rest, recovery, and reflection. As well as, nutrition and the need for additional calories, how to approach fasting, and how to modify movement.

Episode Overview: 

  • 1:00 Ovulation Time & Best Chance to Get Pregnant
  • 2:30 Hormones in Week 3   
  • 8:30 Progesterone’s Positive Role in the Body
  • 12:50 Nutrition in Week 3
  • 16:50 Fasting in Week 3
  • 18:15 Movement in Week 3
  • 19:00 Supplementation in Week 3
  • 22:41 Initial Changes in Week 4

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