What is a women’s metabolic health coach?

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There are plenty of coaches out there specializing in fitness, nutrition, breathwork, movement, but have you ever heard of a women’s metabolic health coach?

As you might have guessed…

This is someone whose job is to optimize the intricate system that is our female metabolism.

As the creator of the Estima Diet™ and the leader of the Estima Certification Program™:

I’d like to explain to you what I do and how I can help you get your metabolic health back on track.

The first question we need to address is why is the female metabolism unique and why do you need a female coach.

Why is the female metabolism unique?

As you’ve heard me say a million times – women are not little men.

And this is why the strategies that help guys lean out and drop 20lbs in a month on keto…

Don’t necessarily work for us.


Well, it’s pretty obvious…

We have been blessed with a menstrual cycle

A monthly cycle where our hormone levels fluctuate week by week.

See, men have an easier time sticking to a diet because they don’t have changes to both sex hormone concentrations (like estrogens and progesterone) or metabolic hormones (like insulin sensitivity changes through the cycle).   

But women have an ever-changing hormonal landscape every day of every month.

This is why a women’s metabolic health coach takes into consideration your fluctuating hormones to prepare a diet and fitness that’s not just easy to follow…

But one where you’ll strategically fuel your body so you don’t fall victim to hunger attacks out of your control.

How does a women’s metabolic diet work?

A women’s metabolic health coach will begin by educating you.

In my Estima Diet™, I give you detailed scientific information about the processes happening in your body.

I break it down week by week and explain which hormones are at play when.

For example, you may find that you are ravenous right before the onset of your period.  

But once your period hits, your hunger drops.

And you can easily fast for 20 hours or more.

This information allows you to understand that it’s not your “motivation” or “willpower” that you need to lean on.

Instead, you need to feed your body with the correct nutrients in the right amount in order to see fat loss and increased energy.

So in the Estima Diet™, I prescribe to you 28 days of strategic nutrition where I give you detailed shopping lists, recipes, and instructions.

Everything is set up in such a way that when your estrogen spikes or progesterone drops, you’re prepared.

And you understand your body’s needs.

What is the best diet for women’s metabolism?

From my decades of experience coaching thousands of women to melt fat for life and heal their hormones, I’ve discovered that the best way to fuel the female metabolism is through a ketogenic diet.

And no, the Estima Diet™ is not traditional keto.

My diet is different from the Internet trend in 2 major ways:

We do keto cycling based on your hormone fluctuation.

I allow you to eat carbs in the form of resistant starches plus plenty of fresh vegetables, and we prioritize protein to help you feel full and get the nutrients you need to grow muscle.

You don’t have to be a scientist to deduce that eating butter, bacon, and sardines all day every day isn’t good for you.

Most women quit the traditional keto diet because it feels too oily, fatty, and unpleasant.

In the Estima Diet™, you get to eat a wide range of foods that are satisfying and delicious.

And while yes, the Estima Diet™ is keto-based, it also includes a much larger variety of foods you will love eating.

You’re allowed to have some dark chocolate as well and tiramisu! (while still staying in ketosis)


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What else does a women’s metabolic health coach do apart from nutrition?

Coaching is not just about telling people what to eat.

A large portion of what I do as a women’s metabolic health coach is teaching you mindset.

Because let’s face it…

Losing weight isn’t rocket science.  Most of us know we need to prioritize protein, eat good quality fats, and vegetables.  And yet, most people will fail whatever diet they get on.

But the ladies who are following my Estima Diet™ protocols, manage to lose the fat, gain their energy back at any age (even beyond menopause), and stay fit for life.

So why is that?

The reason is that I put a heavy emphasis on understanding and overcoming self-sabotage.

There’s a dedicated module in the Estima Diet™ teaching you how to spot self-sabotage behavior and not fall victim to it.

Because above all, a women’s metabolic health coach needs to put herself in your shoes and be prepared to pick you up when you stumble.

And thanks to my decades of experience coaching, I’m able to preempt where you may need help before you even know it.

But it’s not just me…

A good women’s metabolic health coach builds a community.

Where her clients thrive off of each other’s energy, support, and tips.

And this is exactly what I’ve done with the Estima Diet™ and the Estima Certification Program™.

My dedicated team is always there to answer your questions, help you find resources, and cheer your wins.

Are you thinking of becoming a women’s metabolic health coach? 

If so, I love that for you!

The world needs more of us.

Now, what you need to do first is gain a deep understanding of the science: hormones, appetite, perimenopause, menopause, energy balance, and all the aspects associated with transforming a woman’s body at any age.

Secondly, you need to master the fundamentals of running a business.

Where most health and wellness practitioners struggle is the entrepreneurial side of things.

Because you may be an absolute rockstar at coaching a nutrition protocol, but you may be baffled by the structure of a group coaching program, how to deliver outstanding client support, how to get the right clients for your brand that you’ll love working with…

As well as setting your prices and closing clients.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – it’s a process.

Most health practitioners who try to figure out how to be a women’s metabolic health coach on their own fail

Because they don’t have a mentor.

This is why I’m here to help.

In my Estima Certification Program™, I will guide you through every single step of setting up your online coaching business.

You will spend 20 weeks with me. 

And during this time, we’ll hold live classes on Zoom where you’ll be able to ask me anything – from running labs for your patients to posting on social media and marketing your services.

I keep my coaching groups small.

And I hand-pick who joins because I want to make sure we are all on the same mission with the same passion, energy, and dedication to doing our best.

In just 20 weeks of the Estima Certification Program™, you will learn the A to Z of starting your own coaching cohort.

And you will gain all the confidence and skills to deliver dramatic transformations that profoundly change people’s lives.

You will be helping busy moms regain their inner power, confidence, and health.

Your services will take overworked CEOs from exhausted to energized, and help them perform better than ever.

You will help a woman in her 50’s who thought she would never get in shape for the rest of her life actually fit into those jeans for the first time in 20 years…

Not only will you be emotionally fulfilled seeing the impact of your work…

But you will also build a profitable business from home, wherever in the world you may be.

A women’s metabolic health coach reaps the rewards of her work both emotionally and in the form of stone-cold revenue.

And that can really make a difference and allow you to buy a house, pay off your debt, build your dream practice, send your kids to their desired college, and a whole lot more… 

How do I become a women’s metabolic health coach?

If you feel like becoming a women’s metabolic health coach is right for you, check out the Estima Certification Program™.

And feel free to get in touch with my team and I and ask us any questions.

This just may be the life-changing decision you’ve been manifesting. 


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