Optimal Metabolic & Hormone Labs & Biomarkers with Dr. Gil Blander

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My life's passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women's health and healing.

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This week Dr. Stephanie is joined by Dr. Gil Blander, founder and CSO of Inside Tracker, and expert in nutrition, biomarker analytics, athletic performance, biochemistry, and aging research. They spoke about Inside Tracker and how it might be different from traditional allopathic testing, how the data is interpreted, and the difference between biomarkers analyzed in Inside Tracker and your primary doctor. They dive into the different biomarkers that are important for females and related issues you may experience when those biomarkers are out of whack. You’ll learn the minimum effective dose of running or strength training, and why resistance training is important as you age.


  • 1:15 Introduction
  • 4:30 Welcoming Dr. Gil Blander
  • 5:15 Gil’s Origin Story
  • 15:00 Difference Between Allopathic Testing and Inside Tracker
  • 25:00 Important Blood Biomarkers for Females
  • 31:00 Importance of Vitamin D and Genetics
  • 37:00 HB1C and Glycation
  • 45:00 Inside Tracker Recommendations for Optimization
  • 54:00 DNA, Blood, and Fitness Trackers for Tracking Health
  • 1:01:30 Conclusion

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