Optimizing Hormones: Testosterone, HRT, Hair Loss and Obesity with Dr. Kyle Gillett, MD

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Episode 300…we made it! Thank you to all the Betty’s for listening and making the Better! show what it is, we wouldn’t be here without YOU, our dedicated audience. Today we’re joined by Dr. Kyle Gillett, a holistic care doctor who’s practice includes preventative medicine, aesthetics, sports medicine, hormone optimization and many other crucial avenues. We discuss the intricacies of hormones and dive deep into the science of androgens and testosterone, while also touching on Dr. Gillett’s “6 Pillars of Health”.

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Episode Overview

0:00:00 – Intro

0:09:00 – Interview Begins

0:09:41 – Myths around testosterone

0:11:57 – Baseline hormone lab measurements

0:14:45 – The 6 Pillars of Health

0:20:27 – Considerations when designing a diet

0:26:27 – What are androgens & what do they do

0:34:45 – Consequences of producing DHT

0:37:51 – Optimizing DHT in the body

0:40:18 – Extending your fertile window

0:47:31 – Supplements: L-Carnitine & Boron

0:58:30 – Controversy around TRT for women

1:01:16 – Contributing factors to hair loss

1:10:13 – How to improve sleep

1:16:10 – Alternative obesity treatments

1:25:40 – Simple tips to improve your diet

1:32:45 – The thermal effect of food

1:27:01 – Leptin’s role in the body

1:44:09 – Why some people don’t become obese

1:50:36 – Why you can’t overeat meat

1:55:51 – Outro

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