Reversing Grey Hair, Aging and Spermidine with Leslie Kenney

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This week, Dr. Stephanie is joined by Leslie Kenny, founder of Oxford Health Span and Primeadine. In this episode, you will learn about what spermidine is, where it comes from, and how it can reduce some of the hallmarks of aging. They talk about some of the benefits of supplementing with spermidine including how it can impact hair growth, reverse gray hair, promote hair growth, and bring back that natural shine. You will also learn how spermidine may be used to improve deep sleep, support brain health, and influence fat loss.

Episode Overview:

1:20 Introduction
5:00 Welcoming Leslie Kenny
6:30 Leslie’s Origin Story
17:15 The Discovery of Spermidine to Slow Aging / Spermidine Origin***
25:00 Spermidine 101
31:30 Spermidine and Autophagy
40:30 What is Nobiletin and How It Works With Spermidine
43:30 The Benefits of Seminal Retention in Men
50:00 The Differences Between Oral vs. Vaginal Intake of Spermidine
55:00 The Effects of Spermidine on Hair Health
1:03:00 Improving Sleep with Spermidine
1:08:30 Using Spermidine to Support Brain Health
1:13:30 Leslie’s Current Research with Spermidine
1:16:00 Conclusion

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