Science of Female Muscle Building and Healing Eating Disorders with Holly Baxter

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My life's passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women's health and healing.

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Episode Summary

Holly Baxter joins us on the BETTER! show today with an in-depth and vulnerable discussion about body image challenges in the world of bodybuilding, struggles with eating disorders, and some great fitness tips for women! Holly is an experienced clinical dietitian, coach and trainer and believes good health should take a holistic approach. She has 2 world championship-level wins in Natural Fitness modelling and many other competitive bodybuilding highlights. She loves working with athletes and individuals who have a strong desire to improve themselves, and we hope this conversation helps you continue along your health & fitness journey.

Episode Overview

0:00 – Intro

9:00 – Interview begins

10:40 – Holly’s background in athletics & fitness

16:07 – Behind-the-scenes challenges of bodybuilding

37:54 – Dealing with perfectionism

44:36 – External vs internal validation & success

48:49 – A word from our sponsors

54:00 – Weight training tips for women

1:05:14 – Paying attention to your menstrual cycle while weightlifting

1:14:03 – Optimal training session intensities explained

1:17:05 – Training with both cardio & weights

1:27:46 – Using a reversed diet & the benefits it provides

1:37:45 – Holly shares her past struggle with an eating disorder & overcoming it

1:56:36 – Outro

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