Stability, Strength & Proprioception Explained with Dr. Jordan Shallow

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Today we’re joined by chiropractor and performance coach Dr. Jordan Shallow for a nerdy conversation all about muscles and stability. We talk about ways to improve your stability, exercises for testing it, and also break down the different parts of proprioception. Get your notepads for this one!

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Episode Overview

0:00:00 – Intro

0:03:14 – Why is stability important?

0:12:05 – A word from our sponsors

0:17:30 – Proprioception explained

0:40:01 – Improving stability

0:50:28 – Exercises for testing & practicing stability

1:02:21 – Proper RDL form

1:04:47 – Using stability to determine weight lifting loads

1:11:15 – The axis between skill and output

1:14:06 – Outro

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