The Psychology of Building Habits with Dr. Heather McKee

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Episode Summary

Today on Better! we’re joined by Dr. Heather McKee, the UK’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist, keynote speaker and founder of drheathermckee.co.uk Heather’s mission is to offer a sustainable, evidence-based alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads. We talk about changing your behaviours to achieve your goals, building habits using “Skillpower” instead of willpower, and the importance of flexible habits. Dr. McKee takes us on a deep dive through the ins & outs of behaviour change, and how to use science to tackle your goals. This conversation is a true masterclass on habits and goals, and you’ll leave feeling excited to take on your New Year’s Resolutions…whatever they may be!

Episode Overview

0:00 – Intro

8:45 – What is a behaviour change specialist?

15:14 – The challenge with achieving “outcome” goals

19:30 – Creating intrinsic goals

23:04 – Why motivation doesn’t work & how to stop relying on it

27:00 – Debunking the 21 day habit myth

30:14 – How long it actually takes to build a habit & how to do it

33:23 – A word from our sponsors

38:17 – Setting flexible habits

47:00 – Dealing with temptation and competing motivations

56:55 – Using “skillpower” instead of willpower

1:03:36 – The COM-B model of behaviour change

1:07:18 – Using a temptation tracker to understand your bad habits

1:10:30 – Building your environment to support your habits

1:15:13 – Why change happens when we feel good

1:24:30 – Outro

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