The Science of Happiness with Dr. Gillian Mandich

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Today we’re joined by happiness researcher Dr. Gillian Mandich! Gillian is a scientist on a mission to help people live their happiest life, a published researcher; two-time TEDx speaker and the founder of The International Happiness Institute of Health Science Research. In this episode she shares what happiness really is, how to practice happiness, how money affects our happiness and how to create happy kids. This conversation is filled with some incredible tips, so get your note pads ready!

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Links for this episode:

Dr. Gillian’s Website

Dr. Gillian’s Instagram

Big Panda and the Tiny Dragon Book

Episode Overview:

0:00:00 – Intro

0:03:26 – How Dr. Gillian started studying happiness

0:08:00 – A word from our sponsors

0:13:25 – The definition of happiness

0:21:01 – The challenge of long-term happiness

0:27:19 – Happiness requires work & practice

0:31:36 – Toxic happiness: you can’t be happy all the time

0:41:28 – Happiness is variable

0:43:30 – The bittersweet emotion

0:49:11 – Psychological wealth

0:51:25 – North American expression of happiness

0:57:50 – How money impacts happiness

1:02:01 – What makes you happy?

1:05:10 – Cumulative happiness

1:09:48 – Rethink what happiness is

1:11:12 – Ways to cultivate happiness

1:15:10 – How media & news affects our happiness

1:19:11 – Creating happy kids

1:22:22 – Social connection is important

1:25:22 – Outro 

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