What is the Estima Diet and how is it helping thousands of women get in the best shape of their lives?

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You may have heard of the Estima Diet and how it’s helping women of any age completely reshape their physique, lose fat, build muscle, and make peace with their bodies. 

But what exactly is it and how does it work? Is it magic? 

Close – it’s geeky magic, meaning that this diet is completely backed by proven scientific facts, tested by thousands of women, and still, seems like a magical solution that allows you to eat delicious things and burn fat all day and night like it’s your job.

So let’s take a deep dive into the Estima Diet and reveal its inner workings.

First things first – why women need a female coach

The truth is that most diet plans out there don’t work. And that’s because they are designed by men for men and yet being sold to women. 

We are not mini men. 

Men’s metabolisms are completely different due to one teeny tiny fact that’s mind-blowingly important.

We, women, have periods (um, hello!). This means that our levels of hunger hormones fluctuate literally week by week. 

We may be hungrier at the end of the month and have very little appetite at the beginning due to our levels of progesterone, ghrelin, testosterone, and the whole cohort. 

Men don’t have to account for any of that. 

For them, it’s realistic to eat the same amount of the same foods over and over. 

For us, ladies, it is not.

What is the Estima Diet?

The Estima Diet is a protocol created by Dr. Stephanie Estima that helps women lose fat, build lean muscle, and get their energy back.

This plan is made for women of all ages. 

So for the ladies in their 20’s – you’ll get a head start in understanding how to fuel your body and optimize its efficiency. 

And you’ll quit the toxic yo-yo diets of restriction.

The ladies who are pre-menopausal will get a new game plan and stop feeling frustrated that the food they ate 10 years ago to lose weight no longer works.

And the menopausal ladies – why is it that all diets exclude you? 

That’s not fair. 

The Estima Diet is made for you and with special regard to the ways in which your body has changed post your menstruation years. 

Find out more here.

How long is the Estima Diet?

There is an initial phase that lasts 28 days.

This is your reset where you learn, test, and begin to see results.

Don’t think of it as a one-off diet, though.

The Estima Diet is a lifestyle. Once you learn how to do it, you can keep it up for the rest of your life. 

And it will change your understanding of your own body, make you an expert on your hormones, and it might even make you a better chef.

The plan created by Dr. Stephanie is 90 days long because this is how long it takes to build a new habit and truly learn how to do something new.

How does the Estima Diet work?

The Estima Diet is based on a deep understanding of female physiology and hormones, and how they fluctuate throughout the month.

The diet has lots of similarities to the ketogenic diet.

You will eat mostly fat (at 50-75%), some protein (20-40% based on the stage of your cycle), and very little carbohydrates.

To make it easy, Dr. Stephanie provides a complete explanation of how this works including the exact recipes to follow which are always delicious and never restrictive.

What’s the difference between the Estima Diet and traditional keto?

Glad you asked.

You may not know this but most women out there are doing dirty keto.

We’ve all heard of the fat bombs recommended on keto – bacon with butter and cheese. 

And while that may sound appetizing at first, what inevitably happens is you get so accustomed to these foods that you eat way too much.

So you start to feel greasy.

And what’s worse – your male partner drops pounds week after week while you plateau and then start to gain weight. 

Again, men’s bodies are different from ours. So we can’t eat the same. 

And we can’t rely on just fat bombs because this is not sustainable.

The major difference between the two diets is that the Estima Diet will never make you feel that grease overload.

The meal plan includes plenty of fresh vegetables, avocado, and nuts. 

And while yes – there are fat bombs included here too, they are delicious, feel filling yet light, and are carefully measured to help you eat just the right amount – no more, no less.

Another factor that makes the Estima Diet different is that it’s rich in fiber. 

So if you’ve ever tried keto and ended up constipated, don’t worry – this won’t happen here.

The Estima Diet varies soluble and insoluble fiber (resistant starches) in your meals so you can have your bowel movements synced like clockwork.

What’s more, the Estima Diet gives you precise, easy to follow instructions on how and what to eat for each of the four stages of your monthly cycle.

You can find out more about keto cycling in this podcast episode.

And finally, the Estima Diet includes a strategic fasting plan for women where you give your body a break through a liquid fast that makes you feel light and comfortable in your skin.

Don’t be intimidated – there are specific instructions on how to ease into the fast, what to drink for its duration, and how to break it. 

You’ll never be lost or confused.

What foods can you eat on the Estima Diet?

Let’s get to the juicy details!

When you join the Estima Diet, you get a complete book full of recipes, including things you can prepare when you don’t feel like cooking at all, and snacks you can bring when you travel to keep your fat burn going.

Some of the recipes on the Estima Diet created by your very own Chef Dr. Steph include:

  • “Shredded foods” – or simple foods that trigger your fat burn process which you can eat anywhere and require less that 5 minutes of prep
  • A morning feast of eggs, bacon, and avocado, mango chicken with chutney for lunch, and a steak dinner with veggies.
  • Fat bombs – featuring ingredients like macadamia, cacao, dark chocolate, peppermint, coconut oil, juicy lemon, avocado, parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, and more.

Curious to learn more? Check this page out.

I’m a vegetarian, can I still do the Estima Diet?


There is a special vegetarian meal plan just for you that has the exact same benefits as the classic.

Am I going to lose fat on the Estima Diet?

The majority of the women who have gone through the Estima Diet report melting fat off as early as the initial 28-day period.

Some have mentioned feeling the best they have in their bodies since they can remember.

And losing “those last 10 lbs” they’ve been trying to get off for the last 20 years.

Others have shared that they get compliments all the time and their friends want to know their “secret.”

One lady shared that she was able to wear a Brazilian bikini bottom for the first time ever and completely rocked it.

Can you keep it up for the rest of your life?


This is a lifestyle, not just a diet.

So once you learn the foundations through the workbooks, video lessons, and detailed instructions, you will be able to continue for as long as you like.

There is a specific module created to coach you for “the long game.”

Are there any side effects?

You may need to replace your wardrobe because your old outfits may look baggy after you drop those pounds.

But in all seriousness – the Estima Diet is extremely safe.

It uses all natural, strategic ingredients.

It’s based on a deep understanding of the female body and years of clinical research. 

So you don’t have to worry about side effects.

What if it gets hard and I want to quit?

Just like anything new your start, you might be tempted to throw in the towel at one point.

This is why the Estima Diet includes a module on mindset and how to deal with self-sabotage.

Plus, you’re not alone.

Dr. Stephanie is here for you. 

And you’ll become a part of a thriving group of women who have “been there, done that,” dealt with the doubt and gotten amazing, lasting results.

How can I try the diet myself?

It’s so easy to get started!

Right now, you can join thousands of women reshaping their bodies and feeling better than ever.

Just click here to find out more.

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