Where You Live Affects Your Life with Ryan Frederick

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Is where we live destroying our health or making it better? In this episode with Ryan Frederick and Dr. Stephanie dive into place as a tool for longevity. We discuss cities around the world, and even the geographical advantages and disadvantages of different areas of the US & Canada. We talk about how the same place can change over time and highlight current trends like the mass exodus from California and New York City to Florida and Texas and the reasons behind them. You’ll find out the ways in which a location can help you live better and longer, and how to choose the right one for you. Finally, they’ll touch on community design, and how to determine if where you live is helping or harming your health.

Episode Overview:

6:20 Introduction

9:42 Welcoming Ryan

14:56 Wrong Place Can Take Decades Off Your Life

18:45 Loneliness Vs. Being Alone

24:00 Community

27:40 Physical Well-Being

30:53 How Your Location Helps You Liver Better

38:31 How To Determine Where To Live

47:52 Healthy Aging 51:42 Aging In Place

57:48 Senior Communities

1:04:00 Community Design

1:12:30 How To Connect With Ryan

Connect With Ryan at: https://www.smartliving360.com/

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