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4-Week Keto Cycling Plan

The Betty Body
Beginner Workout

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The Estrogen Dominance Quiz

Learn what to eat (and what not to eat) during each phase of your cycle?

In today's modern, yet often toxic world, it is easy for a woman to become estrogen dominant

This program is perfectly designed for you to burn fat,build lean muscle, and most of all, fall in love with moving your body.




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Let's work out that brain as well as your body muscles!

Tetris App - Apple or Android

The "Tetris" Effect - Brain strengthening Apps

apps that we love

When you get into tracking your cycle, try out this app that is a favourite of Dr. Stephanie's!

Clue App - Apple or Android

Cycle Tracking Apps

All our Bettys love the following apps for tracking their macros!

CarbManager - Apple or Android

Macro Tracking & Fitness Apps

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