The Chalice Collective

The Chalice Collective

We are the first mastermind of its kind blending business growth, marketing and sales strategies with ongoing science and coaching principles that get you better results to your bottom line, for your clients, and your growth as a practitioner.

Private, Invite-only high level mastermind for female health practitioners, doctors and health coaches


This mastermind is for Health Practitioners who already create great outcomes for their patients and want to scale their practices as a means to help more people, more profoundly.

The biggest challenges that Female Doctors and Health Practitioners face when trying to grow their practice and avoid burnout are…

  • Not Having The Right Mindset - You want to transform your practice to be a powerhouse for abundance and into more of an opportunity to do the work you love, but aren’t confident in your abilities.

  • Business Acumen - You want to eliminate overwhelm and learn to focus on what's important and scale to 7 or 8 figures, but don’t feel like you’re surrounded with the right tools and templates.

  • Continued Education & Science Literacy - You want to stay up to date on the latest scientific research that can help your patients succeed, but feel you’re liking the time and energy to distill the latest research.

The Chalice Collective is a one of a kind mastermind that blends the 3 major areas that health practitioners struggle with:
Mindset, Business & Science.

Ready for your life to change?

Meet the founder of The Chalice Collective™,
Dr. Stephanie!

I have designed this mastermind after working with thousands of clients one-on-one and gauging what you need most in order to elevate you to multiple 6 figures, then seven.

I am a doctor of chiropractic medicine with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, and female physiology. I have helped thousands of women lose weight, regulate hormones, and get off medications through my signature program, The Estima Diet. I am also the host of a Top Podcast, Better! With Dr. Stephanie and the founder of The Estima Certification Program™. 

One of things I have always told myself is that I'm not ready to launch a group health program. I kept thinking "I don't have my systems in place and haven't written the perfect emails" but the truth is, it's never the right time.
So I decided to Just Start!
I used the exact email templates that you equipped us with and just like that I got 10 people signed up at $1200 each and we're starting our group health program on Monday.

— Dr. Sydne

"This mastermind transformed my business!"

  • Create a powerful Content Machine that makes the process a no-brainer and forever sets you free from waiting anxiously for inspiration to strike. The connection between cancer and female metabolism.
  • Learn about Financial Intelligence with Tony Robbins money management expert Robert Gauvreau (how to keep more of your money, tax strategy, investing, etc)

  • We’re joined by a world-class mindset coach who will break down how you need to think and act to become a 7-figure earner

  • A deep dive on the science of glucose, fructose, and insulin.
  • Learn how to add in Dutch Test Training to your practice and how to properly analyze the results

Each month, you will be guided by myself and my team, my PARTNER Giovanni, Founder of Archangel Academy, and our dream team of experts, from wealth management, mindset, productivity, systems, branding, personal training,
and a whole lot more.

Here is a sample of our weekly programming…

If you’re ready to be shown transform your practice to be a powerhouse for abundance and into more of an opportunity to do the work you love then click the link below to join us inside of The Chalice Collective.


Once a week The Chalice Collective founders Dr. Stephanie Estima and Giovanni Marsico, along with special guest experts, will lead the group through discussions, training sessions, and 1on1 laser coaching called ‘LoveSeats’ to help our members breakthrough challenges and leverage opportunities in their health practices and businesses.

Here’s what you get when you join The Chalice Collective

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions 


When you join The Chalice Collective you’ll also receive access to our private member's area called Hello Betty Headquarters (HBHQ) where you can:

  • Connect with Giovanni, Dr. Stephanie, and the members in between coaching calls
  • Get access to all of our training videos and resources
  • Access replays of past Chalice Collective training calls
  • Get help with current projects
  • Get feedback on your marketing, email copy, and business ideas
  • Share your progress, ask questions, and support each other
  • Access our database of Patient Support questions and answers for topics that come up our members’ clients and patients 

Full Access To HBHQ

Bonuses With Your Membership

ARCHANGEL ODYSSEY - Giovanni’s 12-week program to launch and scale an online transformational coaching program (this sells for $1500 USD but you get it included with your Chalice membership)

THE ESTIMA CERTIFICATION PROGRAM - Every 4 months Dr. Stephanie launches a new cohort of her 20-week Certification Program. The program sells for $6000 USD, but it’s included with your Chalice membership and you can jump in on any of the coaching calls.

LIVE EVENTS - Twice a year Giovanni and Stephanie host an in-person mastermind event for entrepreneurs. Tickets to these events are $3600 USD each, but you get both events included with your Chalice membership. 

THE ROLODEX - As a member of The Chalice, you’re now a part of our family. Giovanni and Dr. Stephanie’s network is extensive, and we want to connect you to anyone who can help you fasttrack your goals.

REFERRALS AND ENDORSEMENTS - We often have women in our community looking for coaching support. Since we only coach practitioners, we will refer new clients and patients to our Chalice members. 

If you feel like you’re the best kept secret in the health arena and want to step up, stand up, and speak up so that together, we can heal millions of people then we can’t wait to welcome you into The Chalice Collective.

So let's get  them started!