Hey Betty! Us female practitioners need to stick together and support each other so that we can make more money, avoid burnout, and run a successful practice that fits our lifestyle.

Let me share a few things that have helped me, so that you don’t have to do this alone.

(For Doctors, Coaches, & Female Practitioners!)

Do you want to become a Certified Health Coach OR Are you a Female Doctor or Practitioner looking to grow a new revenue stream?


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The Estima Certification Program™ 

The Chalice Collective™ 

I offer a variety of programs for aspiring health coaches who want to get certified all the way through to established practitioners who want to grow 7-figure businesses and beyond without burning out. 

This is a 20-week program specifically for women looking to start a career as a health coach or for female doctors, health practitioners and coaches who want a new income stream.

We are the first mastermind of its kind blending business growth, marketing and sales strategies with ongoing science and coaching principles that get you better results to your bottom line, for your clients, and your growth as a practitioner.



Join our next Business Mastermind with Dr. Stephanie

We can chat about scaling a business or the latest science– and whatever else you might need to make this your best year ever. And - there's absolutely no charge for this!

It's something I'd like to do as a gift as a big part of my mission to support the growth of women in health so we can all make an even greater impact.

Plus - you'll get the opportunity to meet and be connected to other wonderful practitioners from around the world.

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Do you know which Lab Tests to order for your Female Patients?

Lab tests are expensive, and it can be hard to know which ones you should be ordering for your patients. Many doctors order incomplete panels of tests, leaving the patient with important data missing.

I created this Lab Tests Guide for you that is specific to female patients.

Launch (or Scale) a Group Health Coaching Program in the Next 90 Days

If you’re a Female Healthcare Provider who is looking to grow your practice, but feel like there isn’t enough time in the day, then this workbook was created for you!

I want to help you explore what it would be like to create and launch a group health coaching program.

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