Breath with James Nestor

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Breath with James Nestor


Understanding the power of Breath. We discuss James’s experience in his clinical trial of mouth breathing for ten days and the findings that followed, the problems with long-term mouth breathing, and the powerful benefits of nasal breathing. We also discuss the development of the mouth, oral posture, and how it can be a hindrance to efficient breathing. As well as, how we can correct breathing habits, improving sleep with mouth tape, breathwork techniques and breathing for your parasympathetic. 

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 Episode Overview: 

  • 6:30 Introduction
  • 9:30 James’s First Breath Experience
  • 14:40 Observations Of Free Diving
  • 19:31 James’s Clinical Trial of Mouth Breathing
  • 25:45 Changes From Mouth Breathing Experiment
  • 28:24 Problems Long Term Mouth Breathing
  • 30:48 Soft Foods and Development Of Mouth
  • 35:00 Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • 39:26 What You Can Do To Expand Your Airways
  • 44:43 Oral Posture & Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • 49:53 How Your Body Has The Power To Adapt
  • 52:36 How We Can Correct Your Breathing Habits
  • 55:19 Fixing Breathing During Sleep with Sleep Tape
  • 1:04:28 Breathwork Techniques
  • 1:07:54 Panic Attacks & Anxiety With Over Breathing
  • 1:11:18 The Perfect Breath
  • 1:15:37 Breathing For Parasympathetic
  • 1:17:54  Connecting With James

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