Genetics: Longevity, Cardiovascular Disease & Insulin Sensitivity with Kashif Khan

Kashif Khan
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Dr. Stephanie and her guest discuss the significance of genetics and epigenetics for optimal health.

Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company discusses longevity, cardiovascular health, weight management, and the intersection of genetics and epigenetics. This is a very interesting and relevant conversation with tons of valuable information for listeners… including a few tangents.

Kashif Khan and Dr. Stephanie explore topics like longevity, cardiovascular health, weight management, and more. They highlight the value of combining genetic information with lifestyle factors for optimal health – you can’t address genetics in a silo.

Visit thednacompany.com/drstephanie for additional assistance and remember to consult with your primary healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Episode Overview:

0:02:31 Deep Dive into Genetics with Kashif Khan
0:05:52 Understanding the Importance of Genetic Blueprint and Epigenetics
0:09:01 Factors that Contribute to Aging
0:17:20 The Role of Genetic Factors in Cardiovascular Health
0:20:49 Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Health
0:25:39 Prioritizing Action and Impact
0:31:07 The Value and Potential Risks of NAC Supplements
0:32:41 The Misunderstanding of Supplement Safety and Deaths
0:37:28 Pharmacogenomics and the Impact on Medication Efficacy
0:41:07 The link between glutathionization and autism
0:49:35 European Supplements and Importing Knack
0:52:53 The Truth about “Natural Flavor” in Food Processing
0:56:12 The Overwhelming Total Load and Lack of DNA Evolution
0:58:01 EMF Studies on Phone Safety and Brain Cancer Risk
1:02:27 The Role of Dopamine and Serotonin in Food Choices
1:07:41 Addressing the relationship between emotions and overeating
1:11:35 The power of genetics and epigenetics in modifying lifestyle

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