Insulin Resistance, Gestational Diabetes, and Keto During Pregnancy with Dr. Jaime Seeman

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My life's passion and mission is blending modern science with ancient wisdom to empower women's health and healing.

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Trying to get pregnant? Wondering whether you should follow a ketogenic diet while carrying a baby? Gain a profound understanding of pregnancy and its effects on your hormones. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Jaime Seeman dive into preconception considerations, break down the stages of pregnancy and insulin resistance, and reveal why keeping your insulin levels healthy is crucial in order to protect your baby from any risks. You’ll learn about the risks of Gestational Diabetes what the ideal glucose levels and what happens if you fail. The two will share expert knowledge on birth complications and recovery, vaginal births, the postpartum process, breastfeeding, and ketones. Ever wonder how breastmilk is made? You’ll hear all about it. Moms will learn how to support their thyroid function and discover the relation between the thyroid and estrogen dominance. Finally, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Seeman will discuss female infertility related to lifestyle and how to avoid it.

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