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Health practitioners and coaches are some of the most hardworking people I have ever met. That doesn’t mean, however, that you always get paid what you’re worth.

In fact, most practitioners I know are overworked, overwhelmed, and under-paid.

And it doesn’t come down to your skill set, time-management, or motivation.

It comes down to your money mindset.

I used to be a burnt out chiropractor until (due to a freak electrical fire) it was my clinic that literally burned down.

This was the one event that shook me to my core. And made me rethink everything that I was doing to completely change the trajectory of my life.

In this post, I want to teach you the money mindset secrets that took me from working 24/7 to becoming my own boss, enjoying unlimited freedom, and dramatically scaling my income. 

Uncover your money story

Most people don’t realize this but we live with some fundamental money stories (programming) that our parents taught us between ages one and seven without ever questioning them.

For example, if your parents ever said things like:

“This is not for us, it’s only for our rich cousins in America” (my partner’s story growing up in Canada)

Or “Rich people work themselves to the ground and never have time to spend with their families.” 

Or even “Making money is so damn hard to make! You need to be a surgeon, lawyer, or a politician…”

All of these preconceived notions may turn you off of the idea of making money as a whole.

And it may cause you to subconsciously sabotage yourself as you scale your business. 

To make sure this doesn’t happen, journal about it and list out all the stories your parents have ever told you directly or shared around you.

With your now adult brain, you will be able to discover which of these ideas are serving you and which hold you back.

Once aware, you will begin shifting your mindset and reprogramming your subconsciousness wiring your brain for money.
You can do so through visualization, journaling, reading books, listening to podcasts, or interacting with people who inspire you and have gotten to where you want to be.


Congratulations, you are about halfway through my geeky magic carpet ride. The nerd in me loves and honors the nerd in you. Just a reminder that if you want a chance to ask me your Burning Money Mindset questions, then sign up for my next Free Group Mastermind for women who are looking to start their career as a Health Coach OR for Female Doctors, Health Practitioners and Coaches who want a New Income Stream. Sign up right here, it’s free. 


Are you living in a state of scarcity?

If you’ve been brought up living frugally or have had to share resources with five siblings, chances are you still believe that there “isn’t enough for everyone.”

This is classic scarcity thinking.

What you need to understand is that yes – there is enough.

We are making money appear out of thin air by speaking truths which help others.

Motivational speakers for example, can get anywhere from $10,000 to millions per appearance.

They walk on stage, activate the crowd, deliver a lesson, and walk off a whole lot wealthier.

So if you want to have success with your own health practitioner business or online coaching program, you need to flip your abundance switch on.

Which leads me to my next point…

You still think that success has to be hard to earn

A surefire way to earn mediocre money your whole life is believing that you have to kill yourself putting 100+ hour weeks.

You don’t.

The reason why your parents teach you to “work hard” is because they want to prepare you for what’s to come. 

But achieving things of value doesn’t need to come at the expense of your energy, rest, and sanity.

I have built a multi-six figure online coaching practice and still find time to spend with my partner and our boys, treat myself to plenty of walks, relax in the bubble bath, and enjoy a slow meal.

Follow the jealousy

Have you ever felt jealous? Wishing you had something someone else does?

It’s human to get triggered, but don’t ignore the envy and jealousy and what it is telling you. 

Instead, get clear on why that emotion arises. The reason you want what someone else has is likely because this is the thing you should go for next. 

So if you get triggered when your friend buys a new house, instead silently cursing her or wondering why that isnt you, or if she deserves it…. ask her how she did it.

That seguays us into…

Connect with your money role models

There’s nothing wrong or shameful in asking someone how they were able to start their business and quit their 9 to 5 practice.

Instead of resenting those who have more than you, befriend them.

Let them serve as someone who expands your horizons to what’s possible. 

Your process to getting the thing you desire doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

But I can bet that your friends who have what you do not yet can 100% give you valuable tips to direct you.

Embody a powerful money mindset

Don’t worry – when I say “embody a mindset” I don’t mean run around in a circle changing and beating drums.

We are interested in making money in tangible ways here.

But what I do believe in is the energetic makeup behind money.

You need to raise your self-worth and truly believe that you deserve to earn what you want.

This will help you to state your prices loud and proud without batting an eye.

It may feel uncomfortable at first but so does doing pull-ups at the gym.

Train and flex your mindset muscle.


Mastering your money mindset is key to anything you do in your professional life.

Negotiating deals and opportunities, pitching and closing clients for your online group coaching program, investing in yourself…

Once you consciously write your own money story in a way that resonates deeply, you will forever break down the barriers of scarcity holding you back and clear the way for a future beyond your wildest imagination.


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