Fasting for Women with PCOS, Estrogen Dominance & Thyroid Symptoms with Dr. Stephanie Estima

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This week on the Better Show we are pleased to present Dr. Stephanie Estima’s second solo episode on Fasting for Women. Dr. Stephanie thought she would share part of her presentation that she showed at Oxford University, who are currently working in the Oxford Longevity Project. Today’s episode is a continuation from PT1 which covered some of the differentials we have to consider when fasting as a woman. We continue our discussion on fasting for women with PCOS, what the symptoms are and what tweaks we can make to better your well-being. If you are an Estrogen Dominant woman, be sure to listen to this as your typical fasting instructional might be leading you in the wrong direction and you should consider a caloric-fast…and no that is not an oxymoron. Next Dr. Stephanie Estima educates us about chronic inflammation and stress, and how the majority of all humans have these symptoms. We discuss how fasting can benefit and sometimes rectify these symptoms like weight loss resistance, lack of energy, insomnia and difficulties staying asleep. The next topic is Leptin, the good old hormone that signals to your brain that you are full and to stop eating. Fasting can be more difficult for women compared to men, as a baseline women have 3-4 times more leptin than their male counterparts. We round out this episode of the Better show by talking about the negative effects of fasting on the thyroid. This impacts women that have been fasting for a long time, so be sure to test and look out for your thyroid as you incorporate fasting into your lifestyle long term, We hope this episode helped shed some light on fasting as a woman, be sure to go back and check out our previous episode on the topic, and we hope to catch you next week for our AMA!

Episode Overview: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:00 PCOS
  • 12:30 Fasting with PCOS
  • 20:45 Fasting with Estrogen Dominance    
  • 29:00 Chronic Inflammation & Stress 
  • 33:50 Leptin 
  • 40:20 Fasting’s Impact on the Thyroid  
  • 50:00 Conclusion

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