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How to Detox with Lara Adler
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Get ready for a mind-expanding journey as we rekindle a vital conversation with Lara Adler. Buckle up as we unravel the truths about Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and learn how to embark on a path to a healthier future.

In this week’s Better podcast episode, we’re revisiting an enlightening conversation with Lara Adler about the insidious world of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and their role in driving obesity, often referred to as obesogens. These harmful toxins lurk in our everyday lives, from personal care products to plastics and phthalates.

Following up on our recent episodes featuring Dr. Shanna Swan, renowned author of “Countdown,” and Kashif Khan, as they joined us to delve into the intricate web of EDCs. This discussion takes a deep dive into the far-reaching consequences of modern conveniences, exposing the negligence of government regulatory bodies in safeguarding our health.

Lara Adler is an Environmental Toxins Expert and educator and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She trains practitioners to become experts in everyday toxic exposures so they can improve client outcomes, with the unaddressed link between chemicals and chronic health problems.

We discuss the truth about toxins in our everyday lives, from personal care products to feminine hygiene to cookware. As well as diving into understanding regulatory standards, toxicology, phthalates and PFAS.

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Connect with Laura on:

Lara’s Website – https://www.laraadler.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LaraAdlerHHC/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/laraadler

Episode Overview:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:14 The Journey Into Environmental Toxins and Passion for Change
0:09:44 Absence of Evidence is Not Evidence of Absence
0:13:08 Regulation: FDA, EPA, and Cognitive Dissonance
0:16:37 Splintered Approach to Regulating Chemicals
0:20:14 Acute Reactions vs. Long-term Effects of Toxicants
0:23:38 Cocktail Effect and Amplified Effects of Chemicals
0:27:16 Toxicology: Everything is a Poison, It’s the Dose that Matters
0:30:38 Testing the Assumption of Linearity in Dose-Response Relationship
0:30:50 Lack of communication between endocrinology and toxicology
0:34:48 Endocrine-disrupting chemicals defy linear dose-response curve
0:38:21 Non-monotonic dose response curve challenges toxicology assumptions
0:42:11 Individual Differences in Mercury Exposure and Effects
0:49:41 Unregulated Industry: Understanding the Impact of Toxicology
0:52:07 Challenging research: Isolating the cause of health problems
1:01:38 The Impact of Heat and Oil on Migration
1:03:12 Plastic Concerns: Scrubbing, Dishwashing, and Chemical Migration
1:13:42 Creating an ideal kitchen for healthier food choices
1:21:19 The Issue with Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware
1:32:00 The Benefits of Reusing Glass Containers

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