Obesity, Lipostats, & Fact Checking Diet Books |with Stephan Guyenet

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The Better Show brings Stephan Guyenet to the show this week to talk his new book The Hungry Brain. Stephan has a BS in Biochemistry and a PHD in Neuroscience, with over 12 years in the neuroscience research field. The founder of Red Pen Reviews, an unbiased, non-profit, evidence-based review company that scores popular health and nutrition books available for the public based on their sources. We begin chatting about the evolution of diets and the level of obesity in society, as well as the changes that have driven the BMI increase over the past century. We venture into the science side of the episode to talk about Lipostats, the Hypothalamus and the brain stem. We discuss the behavioural side of obesity, and the reward circuits related to highly palatable food and consumption. We explore the solutions available to lose weight, and what are the best options for differing levels of obesity. We finish off the episode by talking about debunking sources and misinformation around nutrition and health.

Episode Overview: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:00 Stephen’s Discovery of Obesity Research 
  • 8:00 Brain’s Impact on Hunger & Obesity 
  • 19:30 When Fatness is a Good thing
  • 23:30 Obesity from an Evolutionary Lens
  • 32:00 Historical Trend of Obesity
  • 56:00 Lipostat & Leptin  
  • 1:09:00 Brainstem’s Satiety Role 
  • 1:33:30 Tools to Circumvent Weight Gain   
  • 1:48:30 Red Pen’s Empirical Reviews
  • 2:12:00 Conclusion

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The Hungry Brain


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