A Deep Dive on Exercising as a Woman with Tara Garrison

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Today we’re joined by coach Tara Garrison, the founder of HIGHER, a High-Performance Health Coaching company that has helped numerous high-profile individuals optimize their health through training, nutrition, biohacking, and mindset coaching. In this episode, we dive deep into weight lifting as a woman and discuss the challenges of cardio & running. We also get into an interesting perspective on setting boundaries, and how to keep up your healthy habits as a parent!

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Episode Overview:

0:00 – Intro

3:00 – Interview Begins

4:06 – Misconceptions around weightlifting for women

10:37 – How weight lifting affects your body and hormones

13:45 – The easy way to get healthy…it’s not cardio

16:43 – The problem with running

22:56 – How stress changes as you get older & how to handle it

27:38 – Setting boundaries as a woman & mother

36:15 – Letting go of challenging relationships

40:03 – How to prioritize sleep & set boundaries around it as a parent

47:39 – How your health actions influence your children

51:22 – Use keto to help you as a woman

57:06 – Intensity in the gym: what’s best for you?

1:03:02 – How tempo changes what you’re training for

1:10:26 – Outro

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