Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

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Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim


Fix your period and optimize your menstrual cycle so you look forward to your bleed week instead of feeling punished by it. Dr. Stephanie and Nicole Jardim, a renowned women’s health coach deep dive into the four phases of the menstrual cycle, the ovulation process, and what typical menstruation blood flow should look like. Tune in to find out the hormonal hierarchy, the importance of cervical fluid, and the myriad of ways in which stress affects your cycle. 

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Episode Overview: 

  • 6:18 Introduction
  • 9:40 Welcoming Nicole & Origin Story
  • 18:16 Four Phases Of The Menstrual Cycle
  • 29:44 Menstruation Blood Flow
  • 35:36 The Pill and Pregnancy
  • 39:39 Ovulation
  • 47:53 How Can Stress Affect Menstrual cycle
  • 56:51 Indicators of Stress
  • 1:02:01 The Role Of Boundaries
  • 1:1:26 Pregnenolone 
  • 1:15:03 DHEA 
  • 1:17:30 Secondary Dysmenorrhea 
  • 1:25:20 Nicole’s Favourite Ways To Optimize Cycle 
  • 1:30:40 Conclusion 

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