Ketones, Protein & Cholesterol with Chris Irvin

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We welcome Chris Irvin to the Better Show this week, a health researcher, writer and educator on all things low carb and keto for the masses. He has written such titles as ”Keto Answers”, “Mommy Do I Have to Eat This?” as well as hosting a podcast you may know of already, “Perfect Keto”. Today we started the episode with a brief discussion about raising children as Chris is a recent father, and quickly dove into the Keto Diet. We touch on how the science and data has been updated on ketosis and what type of Ketone levels he prefers. We chat about exogenous ketones and how they can be used for boosting things such as brain function and mental alertness. We talk inflammation, protein misconceptions and how important protein is later in life. We touch on the recent cholesterol craze before rounding out our discussion with glycation, before hearing all about Biohealth and Chris’s other endeavours.